Broken Elms Estate

Towering Elms Estate Declared Hazard

Historic Estate, Towering Elms, has been declared a fire and health hazard by Pinnacle housing inspector Burgundy Redd. Official notice has been given that the property be cleaned and repaired or it will be condemned.

The Estate has long been a landmark of west Pinnacle township. Dating back to the Antebellum period, the main structure is over 150 years old and is known for the abundance of woodwork in American Chestnut and the now missing Elm trees, the last of which was brought down over 30 years ago, a victim of Dutch Elm Disease.

Originally built by the Braddock family, the property was a favored way point of Daniel Boone during the early settlement period. The once plentiful canebrakes were a source of his best pelts and hillside outcroppings of salt were a precious commodity in that age. His name was also carved into one of the prominent Elms. That section of wood was preserved when the tree was felled and can be seen at the historical society offices on Church St.

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