Madam Bledsoe

A lady with a mysterious past, Madam is the current owner of the historic estate, Towering Elms. Now well into her golden years, she does not receive much company to the house other than her faithful nurse Ruby Waters. Known for her fiery temper and her out of control collecting, she has become the subject of gossip around town as the Estate has fallen into disrepair.​


Native to Pinnacle, Ruby has long been a fixture of Towering Elms Estate. She has held several positions on the property, she is thought of as the caretaker of both the Estate and Madam Bledsoe.

Burgundy Redd

Pinnacle native and local housing inspector, Burgundy ‘The Burg” Redd, is known for his large frame, red hair and booming laugh.

Two cattails bend over a marshy area of the koi pond. They are covered in monarch butterflies. Butterfles also fly around the area. Several cuts of peeled back burlap reveal a grey flannel printed with a leaping rabbit and other plant fronds

Cherry Redd

Burgundy’s sister, Cherry is thin as The Burg is large. The two siblings are known to be close and supportive of each other.