My Portfolio

Examples of Writing, Design, Digital Art etc. 

Counseling Research Poster

I can’t take credit for all the writing as this was the result of a group project when I was in grad school for counseling, but I did design and do all of the digital art. I’m super proud of the entire project and I have nothing but mad props for my group mates who’s names I have removed for their personal privacy.

This was designed to be printed as a large poster so the color tones are CMYK and what you see here is not quite reflective of finished colors of the printed poster. We presented right around Halloween which factored into the inspiration. I loved this project and would be interested to do more posters in the future.

Otakon Happi Coat

I made this for the non-profit anime convention Otakon. This was a super fun project and my first significant digital art effort. I learned a lot during the course of putting this together not only about the process of producing vector art, but also about creating for print, and for a garment. 

We put together the printing and production of the coats and oversaw the entire process. I’ve drawn and designed two other happi’s since completing this one. I expect those to be printed and wearable by the end of the 2023 summer.