What If We Never Get Out


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What If We Never Get Out is an original fine fiber art wool painting. The dimensions are 16” x 20”. “What If We Never Get Out”, is made with wool, feathers and silk on canvas. Created in 2021. From the bottom of the koi pond Madam Bledsoe looked up. The bubbles of air she let out raced toward the surface. It had be a long time since she had been swimming, and you could hardly call what she was doing now swimming, but her ability to hold her breath was still strong. The koi seemed only mildly alarmed at her presence, and Madam for her part definitely wasn’t ready to get out.

Keeping Original Felt Fine Art Clean – Contrary to popular belief, wool art is easy to maintain. It can last hundreds, if not thousands of years if it is consistently treated well. Mounting your wool art on a wall in indirect sunlight will deter pests, which require dark areas with little to no air flow to reproduce. Dust is easily dislodged by patting the work from behind or firmly tapping the frame while holding the work face down. Dust can also be removed with canned air if desired.

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