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Baptism is an original fine fiber art wool painting. The dimensions are 8″ x 10″. “Baptism”, is made with wool and silk on canvas. Created in 2021. The water enclosed Madam Bledsoe. While she has always been a great swimmer, known to hold her breath longer than most, in this moment her lungs begin to burn and she admits to herself that she put herself exactly where she is, and death would be preferable to unpacking all the ghosts in Broken Elms…maybe. There is air up there if she chose to reach it. All she has to do is face the past.


and now the lack of air was throbbing in her temples and distorting her vision. A trick of the eyes, colored lights seemed to flash all around. Having settled from her splash, the koi fish came in close to inspect her now.

Keeping Original Felt Fine Art Clean – Contrary to popular belief, wool art is easy to maintain. It can last hundreds, if not thousands of years if it is consistently treated well. Mounting your wool art on a wall in indirect sunlight will deter pests, which require dark areas with little to no air flow to reproduce. Dust is easily dislodged by patting the work from behind or firmly tapping the frame while holding the work face down. Dust can also be removed with canned air if desired.

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