Jizo and the Fairy Steps


This is a 5″ x 7″ framed wool painting made primarily with wool, silk and feathers on canvas.

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Jizo and the Fairy Steps” is an original felt fine art piece. The dimensions are 5″ x 7″. This wool painting is made with wool, silk, and feathers on canvas. It was created in 2018. This Jizo is one of many in the woods around Broken Elms. The moss speaks to how long it has been out amongst the mushrooms and other forest dwellers. It’s unclear exactly where the Jizo came from, but most in Pinnacle township believe that Madam Bledsoe placed them many years ago. Few of the town residents have had the courage to ask her what their purpose is. If anyone else knows, they are not sharing that information.


Keeping Original Felt Fine Art Clean – Contrary to popular belief, wool art is easy to maintain. It can last hundreds, if not thousands of years if it is consistently treated well. Mounting your wool art on a wall in indirect sunlight will deter pests, which require dark areas with little to no air flow to reproduce. Dust is easily dislodged by patting the work from behind or firmly tapping the frame while holding the work face down. Dust can also be removed with canned air if desired.