Born in Massachusetts, the child of North Eastern aristocracy and hard scrabble South Eastern mariners, Sarazen did most of her growing up in North Carolina right by the largest army base in the lower 48. While her toddler education included embroidery fit for any fine drawing room, other parts of her day were spent knee deep in questionable creek water catching fish and frogs.

Her life has continued to be one of certain extremes, yet the thread of fiber craft took hold, winding a course through sewing, knitting, designing to her current passion, felting. Coupled with an English degree she’s put together her appreciation of nature, story and fiber to create worlds from her imagination.

Paired with her experiences raising four kids and living all over the country, her work reflects a fascination with authenticity, vulnerability, psychology, the complexity of reality and the terrible beauty of nature itself.

A member of the Foothills Craft Guild, she lives and works in Eastern Tennessee, surrounded by lush forests and the legacy of the Manhattan Project.


I find inspiration in the little things. The wayward Christmas ornament that disappeared into a dusty corner, the slow unrelenting creep of mushrooms digesting the rotting ground, sheets of shabby outdated wallpaper hidden by new, the lost, the overlooked, the forgotten, these are the things that fascinate me.

My work is made from wool, silk, feathers, fibers and whatever turns my fancy and can be needle felted onto canvas. Much of the materials I use are the by-products of yarn and fashion manufacture. Through this medium I explore themes of the passages of time, the brevity and struggle for meaning in life, the subjectiveness of reality and the challenge to live authenticly.

Using techniques from the fictional narrative frame of Broken Elms Estate, to building up layers of material into 3 dimensions on the canvas I encourage viewers to question what they’re seeing. Sometimes it’s the little things that reveal so much.