Sarazen AnYin


  • Working in wool and words
  • bits of string and silly things
  • Fashion – Fine Art – Fabulation
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Broken Elms Estate

My fiber art exists in a fictional world centered around a decaying mansion called Broken Elms. It’s nearby the Devil’s Quill deep in the Lookso Mountains along the Southern fringe of Saola Spine Range.. Once the pulsing center of a great family, today it is the home of the forlorn Madam Bledsoe.

The tragic beauty of her world and life is captured in my fiber art. A document of small marvels, quiet lives and the hidden struggles all around us. For Madam it is a record of regret and the map of a path better left abandoned.  A meditation on the beauty of the moment,, the brevity and despair of life, and the flimsy nature of reality, my work also points toward the long road to healing. Welcome to the journey.

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